Sunday, June 7, 2009

E3 Awesomeness and more

Since I am not allowed in the E3, I can’t rightly say the game plays like it looks or that there is dual wielding. The game movie looks great but not real (like Padme’s baby belly). It’s got to be better than having players who are younger than me (SWG-wise) tell me how to role-play a Jedi then prove they have no deeper understanding of peace keeper and lore as they treat those ideals as nice flavor words for the group. During a Padawan’s Jedi Temple lesson which focused heavily on KOTOR (which one of the LEADING Council Members didn’t even seem to care to know or look up to seem smart) an Imp BH attacked a member while the rest just gave an ‘oh look a member is being attacked’ dumbfounded look. I know TNJO were the oddballs (or so I’m told weekly if I show any dislike of LJO ways). My request could be as small as TJNO had a book club – can I start one for LJO? which sets my friend into a rant about TNJO never had Allies with all the two-bit RP-er groups (even the ones that hunt us during teaching time). We were all Star Wars eggheads that acted like a true order (regardless of our few canon redefining). Having a sheer love and understanding to play a Jedi is more important than being up to server standard.

I have a plan to write more often. I have been busy with the Star Wars White Knight RPG More on that soon.

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