Tuesday, June 9, 2009

TOR Talk Tuesdays!

TOR Talk Tuesdays are a blog segment I'm going to have each week either talking about an idea no one understands or a thought about Star Wars The Old Republic that I feel I can answer well. This hopefully will make you think deeper about game answer fears, and hopefully drive better debates. This week is going to be on what Bioware means by their term Heroic.

Everyone* can be super! And when everyone's super--
[chuckles evily] --no one will be. Syndrome (Disney's The Incredibles 2004 ).

This is somewhat the same comment people make about the word Heroic the way Bioware will use it. People think it refers to deeds like blowing up a sith plan and saving the day. Bioware doesn't mean the fate of the world is always up to you; rather you will be a well trained class important in your own way. Grand Moff Tarkin is Heroic under the term according to Bioware and most would agree. He is high in the Empire chain and does order to destroy Alderaan - big, but not a large war move. Mon Mothma is Heroic but her role amounts to guild leader in game terms. Wedge is known as side support for most of his life. As you can see they all are Heroic in some way other than being "The Hero ".

Bioware seems to use the word Heroic in this way. We all know at least one Heroic person in our lives. Firemen, soldiers or a honest hard working person are Heroic in some way but most times their deeds aren't legendary for most of the world. Now I'm sure some events Bioware has planned are Death Star huge but on the whole, players can be Heroic with out being the Hero.

Sorry i was late - please debate and think on this week's topic.


  1. I linked here from CakeWrecks, nice blog!! Have you seen Blue Harvest-Family Guy or the Robot Chicken Star Wars?