Friday, May 15, 2009

Holy Smuggler Bat-Man what was I thinking?!

Timeline 2 is up for Star Wars the Old Republic
Master Gnost-Dural introduces a Smuggler named Hylo Visz. Always good to get more lore but the only thing it gave us is Smuggler as a class. That means next week we'll get game footage and a comic spot for Smuggler - yea. Really, it takes a rocket scientist to figure that out. Gee the same class as Han. Novel. Of course, we'll only be human because they're the rats of the galaxy and Bioware has no idea what other races to show in outfits. Sure our Wookiees will go nude, our Trooper helmets won't fit because no one at Bioware or any galactic company in game terms modeled a Cereans head. Also PVP will be broke and our companions will have the AI IQ of mashed taters but thank the Force we got a class update that even a blind Gungan could see coming. Here's hoping E3 gives us meat.

Home again
After 5 months away I have returned to Star Wars Galaxies. My welcome committee on the Lovely server of Eclipse (population 10 players) were a Jedi I've known for 2 years who forgot me and a credit farmer. There is no role play no matter what the Light Jedi Order would like us to think (No Dark Jedi orders around so it's just Jedi playing with their Lightsabers, if you know what I mean.) The devs had a brain storm and houses now have windows. Those Devs get a gold star to learn houses have windows. That's what a college degree and 5 years of SWG teaches.
So glad to not flush $15.00 down the toilet every month.

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